Please refer to our sizing and measuring guide, or the handy image guide pictures here. We highly recommend to take the guess work out of measuring and purchase our “sizing kit” in the shape you want to order to ensure the perfect fit.
YES! all sets are re-usable….
When using sticker tabs nails can be re-used over and over. Simply clean of the used adhesive tab from the backside of nails. (these are ideal for readymade sets) When using glue, you will have to softly file away excessive dried glue residue from the underside of press on so the next application will lie smoothly. Keep your nails safe on the adhesive strip in the box provided


All made to order sets comes with 10 nails in the size you select in a storage box with single prep kit (which has: cuticle pusher, buffer, alcohol prep pad, 12 sticker tabs, a nail glue and an application and removal instruction card)


all ready made sets comes with 20-24 nails stuck on a sheet card with single prep kit (which has: cuticle pusher, buffer, alcohol prep pad, 12 sticker tabs and a nail glue)
Once you have discovered your sizes, please select “custom” in the size drop down arrow. Then be sure to list your sizes (THUMB, INDEX, MIDDLE, RING, PINKY) RIGHT TO LEFT hand in the “Order notes” portion before checkout. Made-to-order sets are handmade so it is not recommended you file to change the shape or size. As sizing varies by small increments it is vital you order your perfect fit to achieve a seamless look. For ready made sets no need to give sizes as they come in 20-24 nails full set
Wear time depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, choice of adhesive, and your daily use. The key to longer wear time is prepping your nails with supplies included, and avoiding long term exposure to water and manual labor. Take care when wearing embellished delicate nails. Nails are not tools.

STICKER GEL TABS: Can hold anywhere from 1-2 days and are perfect for temporary wear or special occasions. These are recommended with ready-made sets as those are manufactured and not as sturdy compared to made-to-order set. So it enhances the reusable longevity as glue leaves residue

WITH GLUE: can hold anywhere from 1-2 weeks and are perfect for long wear. Never continue to wear nails that are lifting as it can become a source for bacteria to breed. Remove lifting nail/nails then clean and dry before reapplying. It is not unusual if a nail or two pops off, it can easily be reapplied.

Embellished nails or 3D designs are delicate, so take care when wearing.
Yes, all the made to order sets can be customized in any shape, color or finish (matte/glossy). No additional charges. A simple color, shape, finish can be requested when purchasing the desired set and sending a “order notes” for the desired change request. No extra fee.

Custom design: we do complete customized sets. if you have a concept in mind or see something that inspires you just send us a message so we can chat ideas together. After the consult we will give you the price quote and you can then select your quoted price.
: Use glue or sticker tabs, prep nails with the items included in the prep kit, refer to our application tutorial (provide link)

Note: **Please note, when applying (especially w/Bling Nails) take care not to over bend the “C” curve by either flattening out the nail too much or by pinching the nail too tight at the side walls; this can cause the gel nail product or gems to pull away from the base. Bling, Chrome, Caviar/microbead and Foil nails are Luxe Nails and as such are not ideal for rigorous wear and tear. it is not uncommon to loose a gem

Removal: Soak hands in warm soapy water for 15-20 mins Gently slide the slanted end of cuticle pusher/woodstick under and around the press one near the cuticle area, please be gentle. Some nails may need to be soaked longer Repeat with each nail Tip: add a few drops of cuticle oil or coconut oil to the water to speed up the removal process not recommended for matte nails.

clean the underside of your press ons and return them to the box for safety

glue clean up: To re-use nails previously applied with nail glue, you need to remove the glue buildup to do this you need either a nail file or a sanding pen Use the sanding pen/ buffer or nail drill to gently file away the glue residue, from the backside of nail Wipe with alcohol pad Tip: you can take your used press ons to any nail bar near you and ask the nail technician to clean the backside of your press ons with their e file. (they might charge you some minimal amount)

Sticker tab clean up: Grab the wood stick/ cuticle pusher that comes with your nails and twist it under the adhesive tab till the tab pops off the press on nail Repeat with each nail Now your press on nails are ready to use again!


As the name suggests these are pre-made (manufactured nails) so they dont have any preparation time, once you place your order these will be dispatched in 1-2 working days.


All made to order sets are hand made, and processed in the order received. As it would be unfair to keep the customers who ordered first to have to wait longer Our current creating time is between 10-14 days. This is just an estimate, They may be shipped sooner but can certainly take longer. This may vary depending upon the current volume of orders. For quicker processing consider purchasing our “Urgent Delivery” if available. Please keep in mind these are made to order we do not keep stock of this collection if you need nails right away consider our “ready made sets“

Please note that if you purchase a made to order set along with a ready made set you order wont be shipped right away. we suggest to order them separately so you can receive your nails quicker.


We offer cash on delivery across Pakistan on orders under 5k (5000).

Easy Paisa & Bank Transfer

If your order is above 5k (5000) we accept only Easy Paisa or Bank transfer. You can either pay full amount before delivery or you can pay half before delivery through easy paisa or bank transfer and pay half the amount post delivery to the delivery man. We suggest if either of these options are not convenient for you, you can divide your order in 2 or more sperate orders falling under the 5000 COD limit.
We accept cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. All sales are final we dont offer any kind of exchange or returns except in the case of product delivered are defective, damaged or incorrect. If so email info@luxepresson.com and include images of the defective/incorrect product if we think your case is legitimate it will be considered.

** please read all information from FAQ’s, Shapes and Sizes, About Us, before ordering. be aware of creation time for made to order sets and make sure you size your nails correctly and choose your nail shape best fit for for your requirements as we are not held responsible if the wrong size/shape is ordered.

Made to order sets

These are superior quality customizable hand made sets, you have complete freedom to design them however you want. These are more sturdy and durable as compared to ready made sets. In each order you get 10 nails ( unless you ordered extra), 1 prep kit, 1 instruction card and a storage box. These have a “creation time” window.

Ready made sets

These are manufactured pre made sets. These sets are “of the rack” so to speak and are offered in a 20-24 piece set. As each set is pre-made you dont have the liberty to customize them in any way, you can only choose from the variety which is in stock. These are slightly thinner and bit delicate compared to made to order sets. These do not come in a storage box, each set comes stuck on card sheet, with sticker tabs and alcohol swab. These are a convenient and budget friendly alternative.