About Us


At Luxe press on we strive towards introducing latest global nail trends and providing luxury press on nails.
We offer complete customizable sets which are high quality and available in vast variety so let your imagination run wild! We are
the only ones to sell made to order and ready made sets on one platform in Pakistan.
We offer mainly 2 categories of press ons:

1)     Made to order

2)     Ready-made sets

Made to order: these are hand-made, customizable, superior quality sets. These are made with thorough prep and salon quality
products (at least 5 layers of gel polish), each set is top coated with high shine or matte finish. Some sets have a layer of hard
gel (depending on the design) which makes them firm yet flexible enough to sit comfortably on natural nail, they are strong
and durable. All the embellishments and rhinestones used in these sets are top quality.

 Cosmetic grade glitters, foils, pigments, charms, crystals are used. Some of the sets have genuine ASFOUR and SWAROVSKI crystals.
Made to order nails comes in a set of 10 nails, in a size you select. These are not premade so you can customize them to your liking.
If you prefer a different color, shape, finish (matte/glossy) simply make those changes without additional charges. These come in a
storage box with instruction card and prep kit. As these are hand made sets they will be created in the order it was received,
so these do have some “creation time” window before they are shipped.

Ready-made: This collection is carefully curated manufactured nails. These sets are “off the rack” so to speak, and are pre-made &
offered in a 20 to 24 piece set, so no nail measurement is required. Shape, color or design cannot be customized, what ever is available
in stock can be bought as is. These are slightly thinner compared to our made to order sets. This line is a quick, convenient and
affordable alternative. These are also great surprise gifts for your loved ones since sizing is not required. These come on a card
sheet and a prep kit. These are pre-made so there is no preparation time needed, these dispatch out in as few as 1-2 business days!